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A Vanished World


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By Wilfred Thesiger     With an Introduction by Alexander Maitland, Thesiger’s Biographer

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Published by W.W.Norton, New York, 2001, 1st US Edition, D/w, Fine.    Sir Wilfred Thesiger (1910-2003) was a British military officer, explorer, and writer, most well known for his foot and camel crossing of the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula, recounted in his Arabian Sands (1959) and for his time living with the Marsh Arabs of Iraq portrayed in The Marsh Arabs (1964).  However, Thesiger was also an accomplished photographer who had a worldwide reputation for his superb black-and-white portraits of tribal peoples.  This volume pulls together many of the best of his photographs from travels in Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya and Tanzania.

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