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The Life of George Mallory

By Dudley Green

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Published by Tempus Publishing, Gloucestershire, 2005, 1st UK Edition, D/w, Fine.  In reality, a more extensive updated version of Green’s earlier book, Mallory of Everest published in 1990. Biography of George Leigh Mallory (1886 – 1924), who took part in the first three British Expeditions to Everest in 1921, 1922 and, fatefully, 1924.  During the 1924 Expedition, Mallory and Sandy Irvine disappeared on the north-east ridge of Everest while attempting the first ascent. They were last seen some 800 vertical feet from the summit and speculation continues as to whether they made the summit 29 years before Hillary and Tenzing. Mallory’s body was eventually found in May 1999 by Conrad Anker on the Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition, led by Eric Simonson.

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