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Climbing Everest


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Tales of Triumph and Tragedy on the World’s Highest Mountain

By Audrey Salkeld

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Published by National Geographic, Washington, 2003, 1st US Edition, D/w, Fine.   Aimed at a younger audience, Audrey Salkeld, historian and acknowledged world expert on Everest, tells the story of Everest through six chapters covering Mallory’s attempts to climb Everest in the 1920’s, the first ascent in 1953 via the South Col, the Chinese first ascent from the North in 1960, Reinhold Messner’s first ascent without oxygen and first solo ascent in 1978 and 1980 , the first ascent by the Americans from the East via the Kangshung Face in 1983, and the growth of commercial expeditions from the mid-1980’s onwards.  Also includes a useful summary chronology and Hall of Fame.

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