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Detectives on Everest


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The 2001 Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition

By Jochen Hemmleb and Eric Simonson

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Published by The Mountaineers Books, 2002, 1st US Edition, D/w, Fine.   Signed on the title page by both Jochen Hemmleb and Eric Simonson.   This is the continuing story of Ghosts of Everest, the best-selling book of Eric Simonson’s 1999 Expedition that found George Mallory’s body, with this expedition looking for both further evidence, particularly of what might have happened to Andrew ‘Sandy’ Irvine, Mallory’s climbing partner in their 1924 attempt on the mountain and subsequent disappearance.  This expedition was led by Simonson, with Hemmleb being both an accomplished mountaineer and one of the world’s leading historians on Mount Everest and the Mallory and Irvine story.  This volume includes Simonson’s team rescuing five climbers from two other teams, who were in dire straits high on the mountain.  Though much more is now known, the mystery of what happened in 1924 still endures.

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