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H.W. Tilman – The Eight Sailing / Mountain-Exploration Books


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By H.W. Tilman,    With an Introduction by Colin Putt

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Published by Diadem Books / The Mountaineers, 1987, 1st UK/US Edition in this format, D/w, V.G.    H.W. Tilman (1898-1977) was a prominent twentieth century English mountaineer, famous for both his Himalayan explorations, often with Eric Shipton, and later in life, his sailing voyages and explorations.  His final voyage was in 1977, in his eightieth year, when Simon Richardson’s boat En Avant, in which he was sailing, disappeared after leaving Rio De Janeiro bound for Port Stanley.  The following books are included in this one-volume edition:  Mischief in Patagonia (first published 1957), Mischief Among the Penguins (1961), Mischief in Greenland (1964), Mostly Mischief (1966), Mischief Goes South (1968), In Mischief’s Wake (1971), Ice With Everything (1974), and Triumph and Tribulation (1977).

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