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Last Hours on Everest


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The Gripping Story of Mallory and Irvine’s Fatal Ascent

By Graham Hoyland

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Published by Collins, London, 2013, 1st UK Edition, D/w, Fine.   On the 6th June 1924, mountaineers George Mallory and Sandy Irvine perished in their attempt to reach the summit of Everest.  For 30 years, mountaineer, author, sailor, and film producer Graham Hoyland believed that Mallory and Irvine had summited Everest 29 years before Hillary and Tenzing in 1953.  Following 9 Expeditions to Everest, becoming only the 15th Briton to climb the mountain, and uncovering more evidence, he meticulously reconstructs that fateful day in 1924, and concludes that he had probably been wrong for 30 years!


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