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My Father, Sandy


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By Nicholas Wollaston

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Published by Short Books, London, 2003, 1st UK Edition, Insc, D/w, Fine.    The author Nicholas Wollaston (1926-2007) was four years old when his father, A.F.R. (“Sandy”) Wollaston (1875-1930), was murdered by a deranged student at King’s College, Cambridge.  Sandy Wollaston was a medical doctor, ornithologist, botanist, climber and explorer in the last great age of discovery who, after qualifying as a surgeon in 1903, travelled extensively and wrote books about his travels and work, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and became Honorary Secretary of the Society in 1928.  Sandy Wollaston’s expeditions took him to New Guinea (in 1910/11 and 1912/13, when he climbed to within 150 metres of the summit of Carstenz Pyramid, which was not successfully climbed until 1962!), the Sahara, the Ruwenzori in Uganda and much more, including being a member of the 1921 British Mount Everest Reconnaissance Expedition as doctor and botanist.  In this memoir, written 70 years on from his father’s death, Nicholas Wollaston, who was an established travel author and novelist, finally confronts his loss and goes in search of the father whom he barely knew, noting that “all my life I have missed his future, and his part in mine.”.

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