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On Top of the World


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By Rebecca Stephens

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Published by Macmillan Publishers, London, 1994, 1st UK Edition, D/w, Fine.   Rebecca Stephens’ story of how she became the first British woman to climb Mount Everest in May 1993, as a member of the DHL British 40th Anniversary Everest Expedition.  In 1989, Stephens accompanied, as a journalist, an Anglo-American Expedition on Everest’s North-East Ridge, but she ended up climbing to 7,100 metres and decided that she wanted to summit Everest.  She did so in 1993 and then went on to become the first British woman, and only the third woman, to complete The Seven Summits on the Messner list in November 1994.  She has also sailed the Southern Seas to the South Magnetic Pole, crossed the South Atlantic island of South Georgia and, with polar explorers Ranulph Fiennes and Mike Stroud, competed in an eight-day Eco-Challenge, which consisted of running, biking and canoeing across the Canadian Rockies.

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