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Solo Nanga Parbat


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By Reinhold Messner,   Translated by Audrey Salkeld

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Published by Kaye & Ward, London, 1980, 1st UK Edition, D/w (small nicks and slightly creased), V.G..   Reinhold Messner has a very strong connection with Nanga Parbat.  In 1970, it was the first Himalayan peak he climbed, by a new route on the Rupal Face with his brother Gunther, who perished in an avalanche on the descent leaving Reinhold with a fight for survival.  This tragedy, and subsequent controversy, affected Messner for years to come.  He returned in 1971 to search, unsuccessfully, for Gunther, again in 1973 and 1977 to make unsuccessful solo attempts on the mountain, before succeeding in 1978 by climbing completely solo a new route on the Diamir Face. The book concludes with a good summary history of climbing on the mountain.



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