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Space Below My Feet


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By Gwen Moffat,   With a Foreword by Jack Longland

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Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1961, 1st UK Edition, Insc, D/w (some wear), V.G.   Gwen Moffat’s first volume of autobiography tells of an early life living an unconventional lifestyle in huts and barns, and doing odd jobs to maximise her time spent climbing. Born in 1924 and having grown up in the Second World War, she has led a remarkable life, climbing new routes  and completing first female ascents in Britain and in the Alps, going on to make a living from climbing and becoming Britain’s first female British Mountain Guide.  Since the 1970’s she has been a prolific novelist, writing some 30 books, including the Miss Pink series (featuring Melinda Pink, a middle-aged magistrate and climber) and mysteries set in the American West, her last novel being published in 2007, when she was in her eighties.

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