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The Mountain of My Fear


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By David Roberts

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Published by The Quality Book Club, 1969, Identical to the 1st UK Edition including photographs and published in the same year, D/w, Fine.    This was prolific author David Roberts’ first book and heralded the emergence of a true writing talent. It tells the story of how four Harvard students, including Roberts, made the second ascent of Mount Huntington in Alaska by a new line on the dangerous West Face of the mountain in 1965, only a year after a large French Expedition led by Lionel Terray had made the first ascent by the somewhat safer Northwest (French) Ridge.  Well written account of a significant achievement, the first big face to be climbed on an Alaskan peak, but marred by the tragedy of the sudden death of Ed Bernd in a fall on the descent, leaving Roberts, Matt Hale and Don Jensen to continue their challenging descent.

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