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In the Path of an Avalanche

By McKay Jenkins

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Published by Fourth Estate, London, 2000, 1st UK Edition, D/w, Fine.   In 1969 5 young climbers (aged 18 to 22) set out for Mt Cleveland in Montana’s Glacier National Park, against the advice of professional rangers, to make a winter attempt on the treacherous North Face.  They all lost their lives to avalanche and this book re-creates the story, as well as interweaving a wealth of avalanche lore, science and history. One of the five who died was Jerry Kanzler.  His brother Jim formed part of the rescue team, though it took rescuers six months to eventually locate the bodies. In 1976, Jim and two companions became the first to climb Mt Cleveland’s steep north face, a route established to honour the memory of his brother.

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